Feeling peckish? Take a look at our menu:


Morning Breakfast (Served till 11.30)

  • Egg and Bacon Muffin   £6.95
  • Scrambled Egg on thick toast with mushrooms or tomatoes       £7.25
  • Bacon Sandwiches       £5.50
  • Round of Thick Toast (White, Wholemeal or Granary)     £1.95
  • Portion of Marmite or Marmalade      80p

 Tiffin Treats

  • Brace of Crumpets          £2.25
  • Toasted Teacake £2.50
  • Large Cheese & Watercress Scone   £2.50
  • Large Fruit Scone            £2.50
  • Large Plain Scone           £2.40
  • Portion of Jam      80p
  • Portion of Cream   80p


Choose from White, Brown or Granary Bread, all served with a salad garnish & crisps

  • Home Cooked Lean Ham

Sliced ham with a choice of salad, mustard or homemade chutney.  £7.95

  • Chicken, Bacon and Lettuce

Chicken pieces and smoked bacon combined with mayonnaise.  £7.95

  • Mature English Cheddar

Thick cheese slices with a choice of salad, watercress or homemade chutney. £7.50

  • Egg and Watercress

Slices of free range egg and locally grown watercress combined with mayonnaise. £7.50

  • Coronation Chicken (Contains nuts)

Chicken pieces in our secret recipe homemade sauce and salad. £7.95

  • Tuna Mayonnaise

Tuna with mayonnaise and cucumber slices. £7.95

  • Roast Beef and Horseradish

Beef cooked by local butchers (can vary in rareness), with horseradish and a choice of salad or local watercress. £7.95

  • Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

Sliced Scottish salmon complemented perfectly with cream cheese. £7.50

  • Prawn in Marie Rose Sauce & Salad            £7.95

Panini or Toasted Sandwiches  

Choose from white or brown bread, all served with a salad garnish

  • Mozzarella, Watercress Pesto & Tomato £7.95
  • Mature English Cheddar with a choice of Tomato, Onion or Pineapple   £7.95
  • Bacon and Brie  £7.95
  • Home Cooked Lean Ham and Mature Cheddar  £7.95
  • Tuna Mayonnaise with Onion and Mature Cheddar  £7.95

Lunch Specials

  • Homemade Soup of the day    £6.50
  • Paté with toast, side salad and homemade chutney     £7.25
  • Homemade Quiche with salad and homemade coleslaw       £7.95
  • Cauliflower or Macaroni Cheese, with bread and salad          £8.50


Ploughman’s £10.50

Served with homemade chutney, pickled onions, homemade coleslaw and a wedge of bread.

Choose from:

  • Mature Cheddar
  • English Stilton
  • Home Cooked Ham
  • Beef


Jacket Potatoes

Plain £7.95    With a choice of filling  £8.95

Served with a side salad. Choose from:

  • Mature Cheddar (and a choice of homemade chutney or coleslaw)
  • Baked Beans (and cheddar)
  • Home Cooked Ham (and cheddar)
  • Tuna Mayonnaise  (and cheddar)
  • Coronation Chicken
  • Prawns in Marie Rose Sauce

Children’s Menu

  • Mad Hatter

Baked beans on a slice of toast (and cheese if required) with a choice of drink. Followed by a scoop of ice cream or small cake.   £7.25

  • Queen of Hearts

Marmite, jam, ham or cheese sandwich with a choice of drink. Followed by a scoop of ice cream or small cake. £7.25

Drinks include: Small glass of milk, squash, fruit juice, elderflower cordial, coke or lemonade. 80p additional charge for other drinks

Tiffin Specialities

Served with a pot of tea

  • Classic Cream Tea for One

Two small homemade scones with clotted cream and locally made jam.  £6.50

  • Savoury Tea for One

Homemade cheese and watercress scone, with a chunk of mature cheddar cheese, homemade chutney and watercress side salad. £9.50

  • Watercress Tea for One

Egg and local watercress sandwich and a homemade scone with clotted cream and locally made jam.  £10.95

  • Afternoon Tea for Two

Choose: Two sandwiches (choose from our sandwich selection)

Two homemade scones with clotted cream and locally made jam

Two cakes (choose from cake list)

Choice of any tea from the tea menu          £30.00